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Tickets Information for the 2021 Masters Golf Live

Tickets Information for the 2021 Masters Golf Live

Robert WilliamJanuary 10, 20210 Comments
Watching the Masters live on the golf course is truly an amazing experience. And every golf fan dreams of that. To attend the event you have to purchase the tickets
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How to Remove Broken key From the Car Door?

How to Remove Broken key From the Car Door?

Robert WilliamJanuary 2, 20210 Comments
You experienced with fragmented key; it may happen while you are handling or using the key improperly. It is a very irritating and upsetting experience. But here is your perfect
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How to Roll Hair with Straightener?

How to Roll Hair with Straightener?

Robert WilliamDecember 9, 20200 Comments
A hair straightener is not only for straight your hair; you can also make different hair straighter styles. Roll hair is the best hairstyle that makes your face more charming
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Know the Things About Supercross LIVE Stream

Know the Things About Supercross LIVE Stream

Robert WilliamNovember 25, 20200 Comments
The Supercross is a motorcycle racing series. The full right broadcaster of the Supercross 2020 is that the NBC Sports. If you’ve got subscribed to the plan which incorporates NBC
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How Many Kilometers Should Tyres Last?

How Many Kilometers Should Tyres Last?

Robert WilliamNovember 17, 20200 Comments
What is the use of tyres in the vehicles? Tyres are the backbone of the vehicle. Without tyres we can’t operate the vehicles. Tyres have come across many evaluations. In
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What to Do When your Car Locks Up?

What to Do When your Car Locks Up?

Robert WilliamNovember 15, 20200 Comments
When your car locks up, it becomes unsafe for the driver and the other people on the road. We need immediate removal of that problem. But what to do when
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St. Joseph's School is proud to announce that we will be working this school year to implement the new Illinois Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for learning. CCSS has been adopted by 45 states including Illinois. Both the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Rockford have made a strong commitment to CCSS implementation. We wanted to let you know what that means for your child. The CCSS were adopted in Illinois in 2010. CCCS focuses on supporting the development of skills and strategies your child will need to be successful both in the worlds of work and higher education.

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Tickets Information for the 2021 Masters Golf Live

2021 Masters Golf Live

Watching the Masters live on the golf course is truly an amazing experience. And every golf fan dreams of that. To attend the event you have to purchase the tickets in advance.

Though not everyone can have their hands on the ticket. Due to any reason, if you don’t go to the Club, you can watch 2021 Masters Golf Live on your device.

Tickets for The Masters 2021

Tickets for The Masters 2021

This year in The Masters Golf Tournament only a limited number of patrons will be allowed. This is due to the ongoing global pandemic. But it’s good news that they’re at least allowing some fans. It was heartbreaking for fans when they got to know that no fans are allowed to the tournament.

However, this year the scenario is different. We are getting used to the new normal. So, Augusta National Club will take lots of safety measures and let few patrons join the event. They care about our love for golf but also concerns about our safety. So this is the best way.

This year the cost of practice rounds tickets was $75. And the cost for daily tournament tickets was $115. Additionally, you have to pay extra money if you purchase any merchandise from the club during the event.

Now if you’re thinking of purchasing the ticket, sorry to say, but you are late. The ticketing process starts a year before the tournament. The tickets for 2021 The Masters were sold from June 1 to June 21 of 2020. It happens every year. You will be able to purchase tickets for the 2022 Masters golf from 1st June 2021.

Though a massive number of people purchased tickets for the event, not everyone will have the chance to attend the event. There will be a lottery system to select the patrons. However, you can always watch 2021 Masters Golf Live here.

How You Will Get Your Refund

You may be thinking that you bought the ticket, but if you don’t get selected what will happen to your money. Not to worry patrons. Everyone will get a full refund from the Augusta National Golf Club.

However, if you’re not selected for 2021, you can purchase the same tickets for 2022. And you will be attending the event if the situation allows. But you can not cancel your refund and get a direct ticket for 2022.

The refund process will be automatic. Within 45-60 business days, you should expect to get your refund. Though your bank can take up to 90 days to transfer the amount to your account.

If the credit you used to purchase the ticket is not active now, you will receive a check issued to your name in your address. And don’t forget to book your ticket for the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament on the 1st of June 2021.

Final Thoughts

We all want to be in Augusta National Golf Club during the tournament. But it is what it is. Safety for patrons is always the first concern. So, if you failed to get your ticket for the 2021 Masters Golf, we wish you the best of luck for the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament.

How to Remove Broken key From the Car Door?

How to Remove Broken key From the Car Door

You experienced with fragmented key; it may happen while you are handling or using the key improperly. It is a very irritating and upsetting experience. But here is your perfect guide to remove the broken key from your car door.  You can have lots of options to remove the broken key out from the car door. Magnets, safety pins, hot glue, tweezers are used to remove the broken key from the lock. Clear the lock from debris and dust. It may make a block or obstacle to your work. Do not use any spray, liquid, or chemical to clean it. This debris and dust may block the key from your eyesight with compressed air. This is very important to protect your lock and car. Place the fragmented keys remaining part into the lock. This will act as a tip to detach the broken key. Slide a thin wire or paperclips along with the sides of the broken key. Paperclip acts as a wire. After take it out just straighten them. It is the best step to bend the edges of the wire or paperclips. It is very helpful to grasp the piece of broken key, find more info.

Detach the fragmented piece of key using a needle

Detach the fragmented piece of key using a needle

The thin needles are used to detach the broken or damaged piece of key from the lock. Insert the tip of the needle into the hole and then open the lock surface to the keyhole. Now the lock is free to take the keys out. The key will be stuck into the needle, just pull it back. This needle may damage your keyhole or lock, so be careful while handling your lock. Another method getting help from the expert or professionals. No worry about the smashed key which is inside the lock. There is a solution for you to solve it very quickly and safely. Here you can find a simple, confident, and amazing way to fix your problem. Now worry about your car, they will detach the smashed piece key easily from the car door without a spare key. You can have one important and efficient chance while you are not able to detach a broken or damaged key from the lock. Do one call or message to a service provider who is taking care of your smashed key problem. The hardware professional is having their tool and tricks to detach the smashed key.

Key extractor for detach the broken key

You can have lots of key extractor tool on the market. That very cheap, also the effect to detach the key. After buy those keys, it will be helpful for every kind of door, like, wood, steel, plastic, and so on. This tool is also suitable for every kind of key. You can use tools for different branded locks and different sized locks. This tool looks like a tweezer. So, it will grab the key very quickly without making any damages to the lock.

How to Roll Hair with Straightener?

How to Roll Hair with Straightener

A hair straightener is not only for straight your hair; you can also make different hair straighter styles.

Roll hair is the best hairstyle that makes your face more charming and beautiful; women love to make roll hairstyle.

Different techniques and tools are available in the market to make roll hairstyle, but there is no perfect tool except the hair straightener.

It makes your task easy, quick, professional, and perfect than other tools.

How I make a Roll hairstyle with a straightener?

How I make a Roll hairstyle with a straightener

There is no much difference between straightening hair and making roll hairstyle except for simple differences. Follow these simple steps and make your perfect roll hairstyle.

First Step:

Start deciding which type of roll you want to make. Once you have decided about roll style, now prepare your hair for making style.

To prepare the hair, you need to shampoo your hair with any of the shampoos you already use. When you have washed your hair, apply conditioner, and apply it over all hairs.

Now take a heat protection cream and apply the cream on your hair; it will keep your hair secure if your straightener becomes hot.

After applying the protection cream, you need to dry your hair completely; for that purpose, you can also use blow-dry to dry, clean and dry hair make your task easier than wet and dirt hair.

Step Two:

Now make sections of your hair; avoid making thick sections if you want more hairstyle perfection.

You are not restricted to make how many sections; you can make any number of sections, and it depends on the thickness of your hair.

You will need to make more sections for thick hair, while fewer sections with thin hair.

Step Three:

Now prepare your straightener for making a roll hairstyle; Plug-in your hair straightener and turn its switch on. Adjust heat, keeping in mind the condition of your hair.

If your hairs are thicker or curly, you will need to set the heating level high, While you will set a low level of heat for thin and already straight soft hairs.

Step Four:

Now it’s time to make a roll in your hair; when your straightener becomes hot, use it with your hair, but start from one side and make a roll for every section one by one.

When you start work with the first section, hold the section in your fingers and start moving the hair straightener from the close of the hair’s roots, but do not get much close to your head skin.

When moving down, stop at a point, make a roll and then move and again stop at the next point and make a roll. Follow this process and complete one section; you may spend two to three minutes on one section.

Make a roll of every section and complete all sections one by one, but do not do work in a hurry; gently perform all job.

Step Five:

Once you have made a roll with all sections, keep the roll for long hours, use hair spray, and avoid touching your hair with your hands.

Final Thoughts:

Roll hairstyle is one of the popular women hairstyles, which become simple to make with a straightener. You can make a roll hairstyle by professionally following the above guidelines.

Know the Things About Supercross LIVE Stream

supercross live stream

The Supercross is a motorcycle racing series. The full right broadcaster of the Supercross 2020 is that the NBC Sports. If you’ve got subscribed to the plan which incorporates NBC Sports, you’re golden. You don’t need to look elsewhere than watching it on your favourite channel. The Supercross Live TV is perhaps the simplest option for the viewers outside the US. it’s an excellent choice to catch all of the actions of Supercross live events. It’s important to understand that if you’re outside the US, it is often the simplest option for you since it’s specifically available for countries outside the US. You’ll register to the location here Supercross Live. TV and tune the channel when the event happens. The key to observe supercross live stream free online is to register to free trial of media streaming services at the proper time.

Live streaming

Live streaming

All of the streaming services that we mentioned above accompany the free trial. As long as you register at the proper time, you’re eligible to use the service with none hassle. The simplest thing about it’s that there’s no contract that you simply must sign. you’ll cancel the service anytime you would like. Just confirm you’ve got the compatible device and decent internet connection to enjoy the live streaming service.

One of the foremost innovative idea to watch sports live that we’ve seen today is not any aside from the web television. Once you download various software programs, you’ll see variety of channels across the planet in various categories, mainly people are watching sports on time by live stream options. You’ll enjoy many channels in your PC or laptop whether if you’re from us or anywhere within the world. Live streaming is a great option to watch sports. Sports fans are welcoming the way to watch live sports by using Live stream option. Generally, supercross is an interesting sport and it makes more interest while watching it live.

Internet television for live stream

Internet television for live stream

They were engaged in providing entertainment and news has been altered by new technologies. In simple terms, it’s an act of delivering audio and video on a computer through the web connection. it’s also called the IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. Therefore, you’ll watch internet TV in your computer, mobile device or TV screen. Internet TV has an equivalent as getting television through a series of cable wires throughout the antenna. The knowledge about internet TV was transmitted as data over the web. You’ll also find a greater sort of sports online compared to cable TV.

Among the various performances given by the network, there are many websites that specialise in programs about a private or group of individuals with similar interests. If you would like a cooking show as an example, it’s likely to be found easily or difficulties during a mainstream TV network. As there are many websites dedicated to the service on demand, there is no got to monitor the program on schedule. However, for sites with a broadcast streaming video or real-time web casting, it should be sleep in fitness. Live streaming through internet TV is basically new and hot on the market today.

How Many Kilometers Should Tyres Last?

How Many Kilometers Should Tyres Last

What is the use of tyres in the vehicles?

Tyres are the backbone of the vehicle. Without tyres we can’t operate the vehicles. Tyres have come across many evaluations. In olden days wooden type tyres were used for vehicles, and in same time animals were only used to ride the vehicles. Then later steel tyres were originated. It is used in the cycles, carts, etc., at last rubber tyres has come into the market. Still now we are using the same kind of tyres over the years. Here we are using the rubber material for these tyres. It will last for long according to our usage. Tyres are the most useful thing nowadays. Everyone is having own vehicles in their home. And due to the population increase our needs for the transport also got increased. Each and every one is having one personal vehicle for their use. So, the use of tyres also increased due to the usage of vehicles. In olden days people travel from one place to another place through walk or animal rides. But now the technology has been developed a lot, so different kinds of transports have come into the field. Some vehicles will have two tyres and some will have up to 10 tyres and more. It makes our travelling easy and time also saved. Vehicles are not only used for personal purpose, it used for many purposes.

How long will the tyres last?

How long will the tyres last

Tyres capacity will vary according to our usage and based on some reasons too. There are different types of tyres are used different types of vehicles. They are D and E range tyres. In this tyre the capacity will be vary, the D range will have 1220lbs for 65psi and E range will have 1520lbs for 80psi. The average kilometers the tyre can last is 40000kms. We can’t exactly say as 40000kms, due to some factors it will change. It depends on the fact tread depth and life of the rubber. If these both were good, the tyres can go for more kilometers. We need to check those things before buying the tyres. The tread depth is important factor, by this only we can travel to hard places. If the tread depth got decreased the life of the tyres will also reduce. The depth should be high here. Then the quality of the rubber is another factor. If the quality is good then it goes for long life without issues. Or else the quality is not good; the tyre will get damage easily and will can feel the slippery experience and smoothness in the tyres. LT tyres and P tyres are the two types of tyres used in the market. Mostly LT tyres were used for heavy vehicles and it is used for the vehicles which undergoes rough surface such as mountains, rough roads, hilly areas, etc., the capacity will be high here to carry the loads. P tyres are known as the passenger tyres, only it can be used for household vehicles such as cars, trucks, two wheelers. It can be used in paved paths alone. So, based on the usage the tyre will last.

What to Do When your Car Locks Up?

What to Do When your Car Locks Up

When your car locks up, it becomes unsafe for the driver and the other people on the road. We need immediate removal of that problem.

But what to do when your car locks up? No need to bother and find some simple solutions, investigate this site.

Car locks up function is necessary as the car’s basic function that helps us park the car and keep them safe from sliding.

But it becomes a problem if the car steering wheel permanently locks up we become unable to start the car if car locks up during the driving it can become dangerous for us.

What are the reasons for car locks up?

What are the reasons for car locks up

There are various reasons for the car lock up, but three reasons are most common.

• Your car steering wheel can lock up when you insert the wrong key in the ignition lock.
• While you drive the car, you turn the steering wheel frequently; it can cause your car’s locks.
• The third reason for car locks up can be the problem in the ignition lock.
What to do when your car wheel locks up?
When your car locks up, first of all, find the reason and then solve it accordingly.
• First of all, check the key is the wrong key? If you insert the wrong key then take the right key, your car steering will be unlocked.
• If the problem is not the key, then it can be a problem due to frequent turns during driving. Take the jack and pull out the front side of the car with the jack.
• It will release the weight on the car steering wheel when the car front side pulls up, wiggle the car steering front and back, and keep turning the key.
• But take care do not apply much force on the steering wheel or the key; maybe you broke them. So, try it gently to unlock the steering wheel.
• If the car is still locked up, then the lubricants will help you unlock your car’s steering.
• Dip the car key in the lubricant oil and insert it in the ignition lock; maybe the ignition lock is faulty. Lubricants will help you to remove the minor problems of ignition locks such as debris or dust.
• It will be helpful if you also use some lubricant oil in the base of the steering wheel. After that, try to unlock the steering wheel; it will unlock.
• You have tried all the above methods, but you cannot unlock the car steering then, call a locksmith for unlocking the car.


Never ignore the loose car steering wheel; when you see some problem, immediately remove the issue; otherwise, it can cause a very horrible accident.


Final Thoughts:

Car locks up is not the most occurring problem, but it makes us unable to use our car when it happens. So, when your car locks up, try to identify the reason and resolve it accordingly. You can resolve the issue with some simple solutions. Locksmith services should be your last preference.

How to Install Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

How to Install Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt driven garage door opener provides the best features that make the garage door able to perform well.

The garage door opener with belt-driven function provides you noise-free use of the garage door due to no metal on metal features, here are the findings.

Belt driven garage door opener is also reliable because their maintenance is easy. After all, there is no need for lubrication.

If you are thinking about installing a belt-driven garage door opener, you will be happy to know that it is quite simple, and you can also install the belt-driven garage door opener yourself.

Why is Belt Driven Garage door opener better?

Why is Belt Driven Garage door opener better

Belt drove garage door openers to provide durable, quieter, and smoother operations. It provides you with quick and noise-free services than other garage door openers such as chain-driven garage door opener.

How long does it take to last a belt-driven garage door opener?

If you have a belt-driven garage door opener, it will provide you with longer services than the other garage door opener.

Other garage door openers’ normal life span is 1 to 2 years, but a belt-driven garage door has an average life span of more than three years.

How I install the belt-driven Garage door?

How I install the belt-driven Garage door

Step One:

Before going to install the opener, check the door properly and remove all the problems. Properly lubricate the pulleys, rollers, cables, and springs of the door. It will make your work smoother.

Step Two:

Next to that, prepare the door for installing the opener; remove all the hurdles such as cords and ropes. You should make sure that you have removed all the locks and other attached things and can tangle with you while working.

Step Three:

In the next step, you need to set up the power unit and install the wiring and power setup six to seven feet above. There should be no risk of touching the unit by children.

Only adults, when they need can use it safely, or you can install the power system at the safest place according to your garage door construction.

When you install the power unit, install the push button minimum of five feet above the door; push-button is necessary to operate the gate.

Step Four:

Now install the header bracket at the middle of the door and connect it with the power unit.

Make proper adjustments to the power unit according to the push button and header bracket.

Step Five:

Now link the assembly garage door bracket with the power unit. It would help the safety that takes the wire along the ceiling to attach the power unit.

Once you have installed the assembly, verify the operations of the gate. You have installed the belt-driven garage door opener.

How to maintain a belt-driven Garage door opener?

There is no need for lubrication, but you should apply the grease on the belt-driven garage door opener link.

Cons of belt-driven garage door opener:

Only one negativity of belt-driven garage door opener is that it is a costly item. You will pay a minimum of 70 dollars more than other garage door openers.

Final Thoughts:

Belt driven garage door openers are better performer than other garage door opener. You can easily install them, and there is no need for much maintenance.

Garage Door Jerking when Closing

Garage Door Jerking when Closing

The garage doors are jerking when closing for several reasons. The first reason for the jerking is roller, opener, or spring is damaged. The second reason is seasonal changes, the garage doors are jerk in the rainy season. It may too hard or too loose to closing of opening the door when it gets affected by the season. The garage doors are run on the specified tracks, if the tracks are getting lost in the grip between the door and track also case for jerking of the garage door. The spring is an important part of the best and smooth movement of the garage doors. It is also the case for the garage door jerking when opening or closing. For avoiding those jerking of the garage door regular maintenance of the spring and garage door is important to get the efficient movement of the door. Some of the garage door or springs gets rust works, it may case for the jerking. It will damage the springs and functionality of the garage door. You should maintain it regularly to avoid issues with the garage door. The best way to clear out or protect the garage door from the rust is spraying the oil or any liquids to avoid the rust, more information.

How to overcome the jerking of the garage door?

How to overcome the jerking of the garage door

Avoid the jerking or issues of the garage door use constantly and frequently. It is important to maintain the garage door as well as the springs to work properly. The garage doors will be functioned using different ideas such as spring functioning, chain functioning, and track functioning. But the issues from those functioning types are overcome with the help of regular maintenance of the garage door. Whenever you are using the garage door regularly it will work perfectly. It is important for the efficient opening and closing. You should service the door at least yearly once. When you getting help from the professional, they are checking all the parts of the garage door, once they check it will work well. If they find any issue, they are assembled in a good way.

What to do when the garage door is jerking while closing or opening?

What to do when the garage door is jerking while closing or opening

Preventing the garage door from jerking is just a simple process of maintaining it properly. Likewise, you can easily clear out the problem of jerking by changing the spring or track of the garage door. The track and springs less cost so you can do it for yourself. Whenever you want to repair the garage door tracks or springs use some basic to make it easier. If you do not have enough tools to make it easier, better get help from the garage door service provider. They are making this work easier for you. The garage doors are not jerking every time while opening or closing it. If you handle it in the unproper way it is get jerking. So be careful when accessing the garage door, tracks, and springs.

How to Estimate Building materials for Home Construction?

How to Estimate Building materials for Home Construction

Our home is the safest place in the world where we feel relaxed and happy. We can rent a house for us, but it is always preferred in all world regions to have your own home.

We all want to construct our house that has all the accessories that we need. But before building a house, everybody wants to know what he will need to construct his own home.

A good estimation always creates ease; early estimation and arrangement of required materials will make our construction smooth and fast to complete.

Here we will guide you on how to estimate building materials for home construction? Please read the details here and get a better idea of constructing your home without any tension during construction.

What is the best way to estimate building materials for home construction?

What is the best way to estimate building materials for home construction

To get a better and exact estimation about the building materials, you should break down all the building construction into smaller units and estimate materials for each unit, such as flooring, walls, roof, doors, windows, electricity, etc.

First Step:

Before going for anything, you should make a plan for the construction of your home. How many rooms you need, how many bathrooms, kitchen, storeroom, drying room, hall room, etc.

Second Step:

Once you have made a plan for the construction, go to the civil engineer office and estimate and map your house.

He will charge you some fee and visit your site, explain your plan to him, and suggest a better solution and about the materials and cost estimation for your house.

Third Step:

Once you have taken a prescription from the engineer where he writes everything and about the materials, you will need to construct your house.

Make a separate material estimation for each part of your home separately. Your main parts of the house can be as follows.

• The floor of your house
• Walls construction for the covered area
• Construction material for roof
• Construction material for door and windows
• Construction material for electricity wiring
• Material for the boundary wall
• Costs for the paint of the house

Make a separate material expense sheet for each part separately rather than consider other costs you will need to pay.
Freight expenses that you will need to pay for the delivery charges of materials. The labor cost that you will pay to the contractor. You also need to consider other necessary expenses, such as miscellaneous expenses.

How can you save your money?

How can you save your money

When you have made detail of all material expenses and for the labor, then there is a time when you will make a selection. With a wise selection, you can cut costs for the construction of your house.

You do not need to worry; make wise decisions because construction expenses are among the world’s most massive expenses. So, we need to make wise decisions.

Choose the Builder after adequate research, a contractor that never compromises on the quality of work but available at less cost than that you have estimated.

While you research, you will also find better opportunities to acquire the required material at a low cost without losing the material’s quality.

So, for that purpose, always do research and find better and cheap resources; you can minimize your construction cost with this.

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article how to estimate building materials for home construction? Our article has provided you detailed ways of how you can get a better estimation of building materials.

There we also helped you know how you can save your money by making some wise decisions. Costs in different countries vary, but the process we have provided will help you make the right decisions.

How to Fix Residential Door Lock?

How to Fix Residential Door Lock

We generally don’t prefer to call a locksmith until it is too hard for us. When the job is out of our range, then calling a locksmith is the only option. But there are some residential door lock problems that appear in daily life which mustn’t be ignored. And the most interesting thing is, you can solve these problems at your home, on your own. You may need some regular tools. Let’s see what those problems are and how to solve them.

What if A Key Gets Broken inside the Door Lock?

What if A Key Gets Broken inside the Door Lock

In most cases, due to rust, the key gets damaged for a long time. Eventually, day by day after applying pressure, the key reaches its limit, breaks, and gets stuck inside the lock. For locksmiths, this job will be completed within minutes, visit here for more info. They use ‘Broken Key Extraction’ to remove that piece. You can buy it too. You can use pliers or forceps to remove it. But don’t even try to touch the door handle until you remove all the pieces from the lock. Moving the door handle can break or hamper the internal parts of the lock. Use your spare key or weld the broken pieces.

While Applying Key in the Lock, The Lock Cylinder is Rotating Itself Too. How to Solve?

This problem also occurs after using a lock for a long time. The door lock system has some parts like a latch plate, faceplate, set screw which holds everything tightly including the lock cylinder. After using it for a long time, every machine part gets damaged or loosened. This is the reason why the lock cylinder is rotating along with the key. This is the easiest solution ever. Unscrew the lock and tighten every part of the door lock, especially the set screw and faceplate. If necessary, replace those with new ones.

Why Is My Door’s Lock Cylinder Not Going into The Lock Hole?

Why Is My Door's Lock Cylinder Not Going into The Lock Hole

If you are facing this kind of problem, first check your door hinges and door screws. Due to the wrong fixation of these screws, the door alignment gets wrong. This may be a reason why you can’t adjust the lock cylinder into the lock hole. If not, then the problem is with the lock cylinder alignment. If there is a misalignment then the responsible party is strike plate. The set screw is attached with a strike plate that holds the lock cylinder in the proper horizontal direction. If the set screw gets loosened somehow then misalignment happens. By tightening the strike plate, you can solve these problems.

Why Key is Not Getting in The Lock?

It happens sometimes that the key is not going fully in the lock. The reason is one on the latch plate. The best solution to reduce the jam is to apply lubricant. But using the right lubricant is also necessary, either the lock parts may be hampered. WD 40 and graphite lubricant will be best for this purpose. You can also tighten the screws properly. Due to loose screws, the keyway gets jammed.

These are the common problems which can be solved by you in minutes. Buy a DIY tool kit. It will help you to solve these problems by supplying the necessary tools.

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